Hurricane Updates

[Update 09/27/2021 8:00AM]:

Hurricane Sam

What we know:

Sam appeared weaker on satellite images earlier this morning, and the eye was not apparent in visible or infrared satellite imagery. However, a 27/0741 UTC SSMIS pass still showed a well-defined eye. Recent visible and infrared images from the past couple of hours however, show that the structure is becoming better organized again, with the eye again becoming apparent on visible satellite.

What is the likelihood of it gaining strength?

Regarding the intensity forecast, Sam is forecast to travel over warm ocean temperatures while it remains in an environment of low vertical wind shear through the next 4 days. Some mid-level dry air noted on water vapor channels to the west of Sam could play a role in limiting Sam’s intensity through hour 48. However, the environment could become more moist again after that time.




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